LPRA Meeting in Dubai with UAE TRA 26th January 2014

On Sunday 26 January 2014, the LPRA Council met with the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in Dubai to establish contact and share common work on Regulatory Framework for SRDs.

final LPRA TRA MEETING DUBAI photo pdf version

Participants in the meeting were :

UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority :

Tariq Al-Awadhi : Executive Director Spectrum Affairs  

Hasan Sharif : Spectrum Manager Spectrum Strategy

Saleh Al Masabi : Senior Manager, Spectrum Allocation


LPRA Council :

Saad Mezzour

John Falck

John Hallatt

John Greaves

Philippe Magneron

Brian Back

Deryck Hannaford


The LPRA Chairman and the Council members expressed their appreciation and thanked the TRA for hosting the meeting and offering us the opportunity to discuss the SRD Regulatory Framework in the UAE.


The TRA expressed interest in further collaboration with the LPRA on the following topics:

1:      Extension of the SRD band mainly the 870-876MHz band

2:      RF application in the Healthcare sector

3:      RFID

4:      Social Alarms


Each Council member representing their own sector will approach the TRA individually to provide further technical information regarding their specific sector as requested by the TRA.

The TRA is the UAE Government Agency that receives complaints of reported interference cases from non-compliant, non-approved products and vigorous enforcement actions are taken to resolve these interference cases.

The TRA also informed us that they require advance notification of the intention to place RF products on the UAE market. The procedure is fairly straightforward and is essentially a paper exercise. TRA requires details of the frequency and power level of the device together with a copy of the test report and certificate of compliance.

Best regards,

Dr Saad Mezzour  

LPRA Chairman