Radio Telemetry and Telecommand

Telemetry System with yagi antenna2

The monitoring or gathering of data or the issuing of controls using wireless technology. Examples include automatic meter reading (AMR), remote pollution monitoring, remote pump control (telecommand), process wireless automation, pressure monitoring of oil well heads, water distribution network monitoring, remote temperature monitoring, remote sensor 4-20mA wireless links, remote rodent monitoring (pest control) and the linking of process controllers – wireless Modbus etc.

Low Power Radio in the Water Industry

Low power radio (SRD) technology has for many years been used in the water industry as a bridge between remote sensors and actuators and the central SCADA and control systems. Applications include remote meter reading, sewer block detection, water leakage reporting, CSO spill reporting (Combined Sewer Overflow), wireless sensors and anti-pollution valve control. Read more >>