ETSI Letter to EC regarding RE-D

Dear LPRA Member,

Further to the ETSI General Assembly decision following the request made by the ETSI Board with regard to the Radio Equipment Directive (RE-D), please find attached the copy of the letter [dated 12th April 2017] addressed by the ETSI Director General to the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament.  Please see PDF on link below :

We would like to remind our members that the LPRA raised the same concerns to the Commission at the TCAM November 2016 meeting and the LPRA also made proposals to the Commission resolving  the delay of ETSI standards to provide presumption of conformity  to the RE-D.
We would however, like to urge caution in being optimistic about ETSI’s request. The Commission has made their position very clear regarding the RE-D deadline, which is now just 61 days away. 
We will of course continue to actively lobby the Commission and Market Surveillance Authorities and will monitor the situation and keep LPRA members full informed of any and all developments. 
This is another reason why the LPRA Council  would strongly encourage you to attend the free 
LPRA Radio Solutions Conference (RS2017) 17th -18th May 2017 in the Netherlands (generously hosted and sponsored by Nedap).  As you will see from the speaker line-up the breadth of knowledge on the RE-D from speakers and delegates will offer you a rare opportunity to raise your voice, influence and learn how the Directive will impact your own business.