MK Consultants (UK) Ltd

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MK Consultants (UK) Ltd
288a-290 Queens Road
HX1 4NS Halifax
United Kingdom 	
Phone: +44 (0)142 232 9002
Fax: +44 (0)142 235 3153
Contact: Mohammed Chaudhary, Director


M.K specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of low power off the shelf radio modules. All of our processes, starting from research and development right through to manufacture, test and supply are subject to the rigours of strict quality procedures that yield rugged and reliable wireless solutions. Our solutions meet the various regulatory radio standards, are lead free but are also produced in an increasingly environmentally friendly manner.

All MK modules are simplex radio transmitters, receivers and transceivers. FM as well as AM modules are available, supporting data rates from 1 to 128 Kbps. Our transmitters generate between 1mW to 500mW output power. Our modules are pin-compatible even though they cover different radio frequencies that are required for legal use in different countries around the world. Low prices were born here, and raised elsewhere!